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    Iowa City has long considered itself a city of the arts, and not without good reason. Our community has a plethora of talented individuals, which has made supporting a wide variety of arts organizations possible. However most of these organizations are purely centered around educating our young artists or bringing in artists from larger markets like New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago. While these are critical components for any art focused community, this has unfortunately left very few opportunities for the highly trained professionals we spend so much of our time and effort educating and exposing to excellent art. For years this has forced artists to leave our community in pursuit of a career somewhere else.

    That is until 2020 when a few local artists came together to found Willow Creek Theatre Company. Their hope was to create a local organization whose only goal was to advance the careers, skills, and quality of life for local artists. Everything WCTC does is centered around the wellbeing of the artists creating our performances. This has led to a few simple working philosophies for our company such as "Pay as many artists as possible as much as possible." So instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on sets we'll tear down in a month, or equipment rentals we'll have to return, we spend our funds supporting the actual humanity behind the projects we put on to the highest degree we can afford. The thought behind this being that no amount of spectacle can make up for the work an artist can do when they aren't worried about how they're going to afford to eat.

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Email: wctc@willowcreektheatre.org

327 S Gilbert St

Iowa City, IA